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Drinkwell 三片裝白金版濾芯

PF-005    1 包    HK$120.00

Starting from HK$120.00
適合Drinkwell任何大小的飲水器 (360水機不合用)。濾芯有過濾網和活性碳隔除毛髮、水中雜質和異味,令食水保持清澈鮮甜。改良版瀘芯,分成六個間隔,令活性碳可平均分配,每隔亦加入更多活性碳來加强過瀘效果。每片濾芯可 大約用一個月。

Filters will fit any size Drinkwell Fountain

The Drinwell Replacement Filters keep water clean & fresh and are designed to fit any Drinkwell Fountain. Each filter is constructed of two filtration pads; first a duo density polyester pad is designed to catch large particles such as hair and other debris, second a carbon impregnated pad quickly removes bad tastes and odors that make water unappealing to drink. In between the pads we have added granulated charcoal for extended filtration. Filters should be changed every 8 weeks for cats and 4 weeks for dogs. 

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