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Feline Pine 松木貓沙

Feline Pine 是使用南方黃松木製造貓沙的先驅。100%純天然的松木製成。吸水力強,自然清新,是對你的貓貓和家庭健康的明智選擇。 美國製造!

Made With 100% Natural Pine

Highly absorbent and naturally fresh, it’s the smart choice for the health of your kitty and your home.


100% Chemical Free

We’re finicky when it comes to what we put in our litter. Harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes just don’t make sense to us. Instead, we use the odor-fighting power of 100% natural pine.

Highly absorbent pine fibers work like thousands of tiny sponges to soak up liquid and lock away ammonia odors, so kitty’s litter box stays fresh and dry.


What Everyone’s Saying

“The first time I tried this I loved its fresh and natural scent, and the way it absorbed odors. There is no comparison.” 
- Kitty, Texas

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