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日本 Iris 狗廁所

POTTY-001B    大-藍色    HK$460.00

Starting from HK$460.00
日本 Iris 狗廁所有三邊高身設計,防止狗狗把尿射向地下。中間入口較低,方便狗狗進入。廁所盆底有膠隔層,隔層下可放尿墊收集尿液,狗狗不用直接站在尿墊上,隔層亦可以預防狗狗抓破尿墊,保持整潔。銀離子抗菌塑膠材質製造。這個是大號狗廁所,適合小型至中型犬隻,要配合大片裝 (45 cm x 60 cm) 尿墊使用。 呎吋:寬 65cm / 長 50.5cm / 高 18.5cm

Iris potty tray has sides and a low entrance for easy access. Unlike flat potty tray that permits urine to splash on the floor, the 6" (18.5 cm) high sides act as a splash guard to keep the mess in the box. It also has a drain board to let urine pass through to the training pad below.  Your dog doesn't need to stand on dirty pad nor can it scratch and tear up the training pad to make a mess. Made of antimicrobial plastic using silver (Ag+) ion technology. This large potty tray is big enough for small to medium sized puppies and dogs.


Size:   65 cm x 50.5 cm x 18.5 cm

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