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Kong 走動鳥貓玩具

CT-026    1 個    HK$65.00

Starting from HK$65.00
Kong 走動鳥是互動遊戲,專為滿足貓的追逐、狩獵和捕獲本能而設。拉動玩具的索帶會令它沿地板走動吸引貓貓追逐。你將會收到三款走動鳥的其中一款 (請你讓我們代為選擇)。

Introducing a toy that cats everywhere will be buzzing about. The KONG Buzzies Bird is designed for interactive play and helps fulfill a cat’s instinctual desire to chase, hunt and capture. Pull and release the string on the Buzzies toy and send it buzzing along the floor for your cat to chase. You will receive one of three assorted characters.

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