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Kong 鹿公仔

DT-037       HK$70.00

Starting from HK$70.00
小型犬會為 Kong 小毛公仔發瘋。Kong 採取了最受歡迎的幾款毛公仔玩具,製成細小的版本,適合小嘴巴。小號的毛公仔玩具用相同的材料製成,很耐用並藏有細小的發聲器來吸引狗狗玩耍。小型狗和幼犬會很喜歡摟抱和舔柔軟的絨毛。

Small dogs will go crazy for KONG Small Cozies. We've taken our top six medium Cozies and sized them down for little mouths. Our Small Cozies have the same added layer of material to last longer, plus a squeaker to entice play. Small dogs and puppies will love to cuddle and lick the soft plush. Parents beware - if there are kids in the house, you might need more than one Small Cozie.

Safety Warning

Supervised use only. Remove all tags and hangers. Discontinue use if worn, loose or torn pieces occur.

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