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Kong 扭結松鼠玩具

DT-039    小/中    HK$98.00

Starting from HK$98.00
下一代的 Kong 扭結玩具。扭結玩具是仿真的皮毛玩具,吸引狗狗玩要。毛絨物料圍繞着內邊盤繞的繩子,減少內部的填充物亦減少麻煩。有發聲器增加樂趣。

The next generation of KONG Knots is here. KONG Scrunch Knots are realistic pelt toys that keep dogs coming back for more. Plush material scrunches around the internal coiled rope, while stretchy sides create natural movement to entice play. The internal knots satisfy natural instincts and these toys contain no stuffing for less mess. Squeaks for added enjoyment.

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