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Mendota 防搶繩拖帶 (1/2" x 6')

CO-025    黑底白點    HK$200.00

Starting from HK$200.00
這個英式風格的拖帶是 Mendota 的最暢銷產品!頸帶和拖繩合二為一,是最佳的訓練拖繩和易於使用。只要套入頸,就已準備好了,而且會更容易控制狗狗,防止拉扯和搶繩。美國製造,質量和誠信保證,非常耐用。

Founded in 1994 Mendota Products has been providing high quality, made in the USA dog leashes and products. Handcrafted in Saint Paul Minnesota, Mendota’s gear for dogs is built to last. In fact, we guarantee it for the life of your pet.

This British-style Slip Leads is Mendota's BEST SELLER! Leash and collar in one combination that is great for training and known for its ease of use.  Just slip in and you are ready to go.  You will have better control walking your dog.  Made in the USA with great quality and integrity.

Large Slip Lead: 1/2″ x 6 ft long

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