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Moderna 趣致貓有蓋貓砂盆

上有手柄方便攜帶,上蓋有活性碳濾網減少砂盆的氣味,並有半透明的活門增加私隱度。貓砂鏟可收藏於貓盆內。設計新绡及有趣致貓貓圖案。較深的低盆可減少貓砂散出盆外而且容易清理。上蓋與低盆由兩個閂鎖緊扣確保安全。歐洲製造。有三種顏色 (桃紅、奇異果綠及淺藍) 選擇。 尺吋: 寬 39cm / 長 50cm / 高 39cm


New from Moderna, the maker of high quality cat litter box. This litter box has a trendy and stylish design. Features a top easy carry handle. Activated charcoal filter can be placed on top to help eliminate odors. Translucent door for added privacy. Litter box includes a charcoal filter and a scoop. Deep plastic base helps reduce scatter and is easy to clean. The base features two latching side locks to keep the litter box secure. Made in Europe.  Fun colors: fuchsia, kiwigreen & turquoise.

Size: w 39cm / l 50cm / h 39cm

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