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Nature's Miracle 即棄貓沙盤 (標準裝)

Nature's Miracle 即棄貓沙盤由透氣材料製成,增加空氣流動,減少濕氣和氣味,使您的貓沙盤更乾爽和清新。這耐用的貓沙盤不會像膠袋 / 膠墊一樣易滲漏或破裂,清理方便。用環保再生紙製造和對堆田區安全。適合用於所有類型的貓沙。耐用堅固,可以單獨使用作貓沙盤或作為貓沙盤內膽。一套有三個貓沙盤。

Nature's Miracle® Disposable Litter Box is made from breathable material that enhances airflow through the litter pan reducing moisture that contributes to odor build up keeping your litter dryer and fresher longer. This durable pan will not leak or shred like plastic liners and provides an easy clean up that is safe on landfills.

  • Baking soda provides extra protection against the tough litter box and ammonia odors.
  • This earth friendly design allows for a 1-step cleaning process that gives you a clean sanitary litter box every time.
  • Made from recycled paper and land-fill safe.
  • Suited for use with all litter types.


Two Ways to Use:

  1. Strong enough to use alone or as a litter pan liner
  2. Ideal for litter boxes, cages, carriers


Fill litter box with 2"-3" high of litter. Scoop clumps and remove waste daily to ensure maximum freshness and odor control.  

Add more litter to maintain depth of 2"-3". After four weeks replace with new Nature's Miracle disposable litter pan for maximum odor control.  

Always wash hands thoroughly after handling the litter box.


Regular (3 Pack): 17.1 x 12.6 x 6.4 in.

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