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Nature's Miracle 氧化去污除味噴霧

Nature's Miracle 氧化去污除味噴霧是快速去除寵物污漬和異味的理想之選。我們的氧化配方針對並清除有機污漬和異味,有雙重的清潔作用。氧化去污噴霧的功能,可以立即去除寵物的尿液,糞便,污物,血液等污漬和異味。清潔後的地毯將會更新更亮,而香橙的氣味帶來清新的感覺。Nature's Miracle 氧化去污除味噴霧適用於地毯,堅硬的表面,衣服,狗窩,貓狗籠及寵物留下污漬的地方。

Nature's Miracle Oxy Stain and Odor Remover is the ideal solution for pet owners looking to quickly lift and remove stains and odors. Our oxy formula features super-oxygenated, dual-action cleaning capabilities that target and remove organic stains and odors. Oxy’s odor-lift action begins to instantly activate to lift and remove stains and odors such as pet urine, feces, dirt, blood, and more.  Carpets are left looking newer and brighter while orange scent brings freshness to previously soiled areas. Nature’s Miracle Oxy Stain and Odor Remover is best used on carpets, hard surfaces, clothing, kennels, carriers, and stains and odors caused by dogs and other pets.





Water, Oxygen Concentrate, Orange Extract, Fragrance

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