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Neco Ichi 魔術方塊

CT-037A    綠色    HK$120.00

CT-037B    紅色    HK$120.00

Starting from HK$120.00
Neco Ichi (貓壹) 魔法方塊讓你的貓咪玩耍和躲藏。使用對貓爪安全的物料製成。可以與 Neco Ichi 貓隧道結合在一起形成一個遊樂場。

A magic cube for your cat to play and hide.  Made of material that is safe for the cat claws.  Can be combined with the cat tunnel to make a playground.  

Size: 38cm*38cm*38cm

Open hole diameter: ~18cm

Designed in Japan.  Made in China.

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