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PatzCare 潔毛液

SKU# GS-023A
SKU# GS-023B
SKU# GS-024A
SKU# GS-024B

GS-023A  500 ml 薰衣草  HK$155.00

GS-024A  500 ml 燕麥  HK$155.00

Starting from HK$155.00
首創含天然紅莓精油 、乳木果、蜂蜜、迷迭香、綠茶、維他命E、B5、B7等成份的不澀眼濃縮配方。紅莓精油的修護功能比維他命E强一百倍。100%植物營養提煉,溫和清潔,滋潤保濕皮毛,令毛髮光澤易梳,及舒緩紅疹、皮屑、濕疹等炎症。

Experience the miraculous healing power of cranberry seed oil, 100 times the healing power of vitamin E blended in a concentrated tearless formula. Contains cranberry seed oil, shea butter, rosemary, thyme, green tea, vitamins E, B5, B7.  Gently cleanses while it nourishes hair and scalp, protects and restructure hair follicles, adding brilliant and shine for easy combing.

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