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Petstages 凍棒

DT-002    1 個    HK$70.00

Starting from HK$70.00
可冷凍後給小狗咬嚼舒緩敏感牙肉。棉 / 聚酯布條可令小狗保持牙齒、牙肉清潔。內有防霉填充物方便冷凍和清洗。容易拋擲和攜帶。

The Cool Teething Stick by Petstages® is perfect for your teething puppy or dog with inflamed gums. This fun toy can be frozen to soothe gums and satisfy the urge to chew.


  • Outer shell freezes to provide soothing relief for tender gums
  • Crunchy when frozen, helps satisfy your dog’s urge to chew
  • Measures 6" L x 1.5" W x 1.5" H
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