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Premier 頸 帶

CO-002A    小 (黑色)    HK$80.00

Starting from HK$80.00
Premier 頸帶有特別的設計,頸帶有兩個環,大的環可以寬鬆的套在頸上,令狗狗帶得舒適,拖帶即扣在小環上的D形金屬圈上。當狗狗受驚想掙脫頸帶時,拖帶上的壓力會令大環自動收緊,以防頸圈脫落。Premier 頸帶比一般帶釦頸圈好用,因為不用索緊頸部令皮膚磨損。頸帶只會有限度收緊,所以亦比窒息形頸帶安全。有特大、大、中、細碼選擇。

1. Safer Than a Choke
2. Better Than a Buckle
3. The looser fit reduces matting and bald spots
4. Reduces the risk of "backing out" and escaping

Better Than a Buckle

When a standard buckle collar is adjusted for the comfort of your dog, many breeds can "back out" and escape if suddenly frightened - leading to potential injury or loss of your pet.  If fitted tightly, a buckle collar is often uncomfortable to wear and can mat his coat or produce bald spots from rubbing.

Safer Than a Choke

When pulled, a choke collar continues to tighten around your dog's neck, restricting both breathing and blood supply.  Choke collars can cause injuries when used improperly.  Choke collars should not be left on your dog when not in use with a leash.


Size Width Length
Small 3/4" 8"-12"
Medium 3/4" 10"-16"
Large 1" 14"-20"
X-Large 1" 18"-28"

Once you've selected the proper size, simply place the larger loop over your dog's head.  Adjust to fit by pushing the nylon through the slide.  When tightened with a leash or by grasping the small nylon loop like a handle, the two metal rings should touch directly behind your dog's ears. Attach tags to these rings rather than the D-ring.  The small nylon loop will lie flat after a few days of wear.


What is a martingale collar?

A martingale collar is a special type of collar.  The collar is made with two loops. The large loop is placed around the dog's neck and adjusted to fit loosely.  The leash is attached to the D ring on the small loop.  When the dog tries to back out of the collar, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop, making the large loop tighter and avoiding escape from the collar.  When not pulled, the collar will rest loosely around the dog's neck.  The collar should be properly adjusted so that even if the large loop tightens, it will not choke your dog.  Martingale collar is safer than choke collar and buckle collar.  It is recommended by many vets and dog trainers. 

Remarks:  We do not recommend leaving any collar on 24 hours a day especially when the dog is not supervised by their guardians.

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