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Puppia 春之色格仔胸帶

CO-015A-B    小-粉藍色    HK$184.00    HK$148.00

CO-015B-B    中-粉藍色    HK$184.00    HK$148.00

CO-015B-P    中-粉紅色    HK$184.00    HK$148.00

CO-015C-B    大-粉藍色    HK$184.00    HK$148.00

CO-015C-P    大-粉紅色    HK$184.00    HK$148.00

Starting from HK$148.00
美麗的春天格子圖案和鮮豔的色彩。實用,可調節長短的胸帶和舒適的頸位。Puppia 膠標籤在前面。 D-環在背部。可機洗。非常溫和的套着頸部。你的狗狗會感謝你!內面夾層增加舒適感。

PUPPIA is an abbreviation of "PUPPY & UTOPIA". Puppia is a global pet fashion design group for dogs, based in South Korea.  Puppia products are selling in prestige shops such as "Harrods" department store in London, England and "Marshall Field's" department store in the USA. They are qualified by their designs and high quality with our object of making the best brand of pet clothing all around the world.

  • Harness in beautiful Spring plaid with vivid colors
  • Practical & adjustable chest belt and comfortable neck
  • Brand name rubber label. D-ring on back for leash
  • Machine washable, gentle cycle, air dry. Very gentle on the neck. Your dog will thank you!!!
  • Inner filler promotes superior comfort

The Puppia Spring Harness is made of soft fabric with colorful spring pattern.  The harness is very comfortable on your dogs neck. It can be sized with its resizable chest belt to fit comfortably on your dog. Easy snap on and off. The Puppia Dog Harness is a real winner for comfort and is a best seller for your dogs.

Spring Harness A - Size Information (in cm)


Neck Girth

Breast Girth

Dog Breed




Chihuahua, miniature Pinscher, Yorkshire terrier




Medium size Maltese, Shih Tzu, toy Poodle




Maltese, Shih Tzu, toy Poodle, Pekingese, Pug, French Bulldog


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