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Scoopable Feline Fresh 松木貓沙

可凝結的松木貓沙,質地較接近黏土類貓沙,較易被貓兒接受。全新配方,凝結力更好。不含化學成份或添加劑,安全可靠。 比一般貓沙吸水力強四倍,可迅速中和貓盒氣味。無塵埃、不舔腳。松木帶天然清新香味,可抑制細菌生長。貓沙被誤吞後亦對貓兒無害。可放入廁所內沖走,可生物分解。美國製造!



  1. Instantly absorbs and neutralizes all litter box odors
  2. Rapidly forms flushable clumps
  3. Similar texture to clay for cat acceptance
  4. Dust and bentonite free!
  5. Safe, natural southern yellow pine
  6. Available in 6 and 17 pound bags


How It Works
Instantly Absorbs & Neutralizes Litter Box Odors

Scoopable Feline Fresh absorbs more odor-causing liquid than traditional clumping cat litter. This means when the cat visits the litter box, Feline Fresh absorbs all liquid waste in seconds, neutralizes the ammonia odor and forms a flushable clump. This keeps the litter box clean, with a fresh pine scent.

Long Lasting & Low Maintenance

Remember those days you carried heavy bags, boxes and jugs home from the store? Our scoopable Feline Fresh 6# bag equals the volume of a 14# box of clumping clay. Now you can enjoy the convenience of Feline Fresh™. The premium pine products are compact and efficient.

Environmentally Friendly

Feline Fresh™ is made from pine, non-toxic and completely safe for all pets and people, even if ingested. The clumps are biodegradable and flushable, even for septic tanks. When you change the litter box completely you can dispose of the used litter (solid waste removed) into your compost pile or used as mulch in the garden. PlanetWise Products utilizes 100% pine that is a natural by-product of the lumber industry.


How To Use
1- Pour Feline Fresh™ into a litter box covering the bottom with approximately two inches of product. For an average size litter box, the content of this package will be suitable. 2- Scoop daily clumps and solid waste can be flushed safely. Never over load the toilet. Add more litter as necessary to replace the litter you have scooped out. 3- As with any litter, professionals recommend changing the litter box at least once a month. Entire content should be disposed of in the compost pile, the trash or used as mulch. Never put the entire contents of the litter box into a toilet.


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