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BOOT-001B    2 號 (4.2 cm x 4.0 cm)    HK$150.00

Starting from HK$150.00
透氣網面人造皮運動鞋。前面有拉鍊和魔術貼帶確保鞋子不易脫落,厚橡膠防滑鞋底適合任何天氣。一套有四隻鞋子。有粉藍及粉紅色選擇。 量度腳掌大小可先把狗狗脚掌放在紙上,然後畫下脚的大小,再量度寬度和長度 (指甲到後掌末端的距離)。



Breathable lightweight mesh dog boots made with faux leather. Front zipper and velcro ankle strap keep boots securely on paws. Deluxe anti-slip thick rubber sole for all kinds of weather. Come in a set of 4. Color: light blue or pink.



hint: put your dog's paw on a piece of paper and draw the outline, then measure the length (from the nail to the back of the base pad) and the width.

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