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Tinkle Belts 肚帶

TP-006A    特小    HK$120.00    HK$80.00

TP-006B       HK$120.00    HK$80.00

TP-006C       HK$120.00    HK$80.00

TP-006D       HK$130.00    HK$90.00

TP-006E    特大    HK$130.00    HK$90.00

Starting from HK$80.00
可吸尿的 Tinkle Belts 肚帶是獨特的專利產品。肚帶由100%純棉製造,內襯雙層的吸尿絨布,並有工業用的百搭尼龍黏扣固定位置。可以機洗。Tinkle Belts 肚帶舒適合身,不會影響狗狗的活動。這是一個有效的用品,幫助防止家居“意外”。非常適合居家旅行用。注:若寵物生病或小便失禁,可貼上衛生護墊在 Tinkle Belts 內層加强吸收能力。

Absorbent Tinkle Belts are unique, patented belly bands constructed from 100% cotton fabric and lined with a double layer of absorbent diaper flannel. They are machine washable and have an industrial strength Velcro closure. Tinkle Belts are comfortable for your dog and don’t bind or gap. They are an effective tool to help eliminate “accidents” and dribbling in your home.  Great for home or travel.

Note: for ill, incontinent pets, affix a panty liner to the lining of Tinkle Belts for extra absorbency.

Waist size:
XS: 11-14”
S 14-17”
M 17-20”
L 20-23”
XL 23-26”

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