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Urine Off 清潔易

CP-006    8 oz    HK$115.00

Starting from HK$115.00
Urine off 清潔易可以更方便地清除流質的污物,例如貓狗的嘔吐物。內含吸收及抗味劑減低污物的氣味。把清潔易撒在污物的整個範圍,幾秒內清潔易會吸去流質污物,只需剷走凝固的污物丟棄即可。若想得到最佳效果,可先等五分鐘再清理。

Good for cleaning up pet vomit.  Absorber with odor counteractant. Use only for aqueous-based spills.  Sprinkle generously over the entire spill.  Within 5 seconds spill-b-gone will start to absorb.  For the best result, let stand for 5 minutes.  When spill is fully absorbed, scoop up and dispose of properly.

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