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VIP 趣致發聲白酒 (狗玩具)

DT-065    1 個    HK$118.00

Starting from HK$118.00
給人類最好的朋友最好的禮物!這些有趣的發聲玩具是由耐用安全的橡膠製成,肯定會成為你的狗狗的最愛 ......

Silly Squeaker Wine Bottles! TUFFY's -Kennel Relaxin

The best gift for the sophisticated pooch! These fun squeaky toys are made of a custom blend of durable, safe rubber that will surely make them your dog's favorite toys, and yours too! Collect all the Silly Squeakers!

For Dogs: All Sizes
Size: 3" x 3" x 11"
Squeakers: 1

The individual bottle is comparable to the size of a split wine bottle.

These products are in no way affiliated with Kendall Jackson, Robert Mondavi wines, Moet Champagne or Louis Roederer Champagne.

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