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Yeowww 猫草

CT-046    2 oz    HK$85.00

你在找尋貓草來自製貓玩具嗎?Yeowww 猫草是百分百有機耕種的貓草,包括貓草花和葉,不含廉價、劣質、帶有雜質的貓草。你的貓貓很容易可分別出來,Yeowww 貓草球一定會令你的貓貓極度興奮。

Yeowww catnip is 100% organically grown, making a more potent, premium blend of leaf and flowertop your kitty is certain to enjoy. Each Yeowww toy is completely stuffed with catnip, there is no cotton filler and certainly none of the unfiltered, 'toy grade' catnips that could be full of contaminants and sold at a much cheaper price. Yeowww! Brand catnip stands out from the rest, and your cat will know the difference.

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